Welcome to Clear Vision

ClearVision offers a new generation of curtain glass that can be adapted to almost all terraces, balconies and patios. The individual glass panels are available in all heights & widths, following the International, European and national regulations and standards.
Our profiles are available in all colors to match your needs. Our curtain glass system can be barely noticed, as we use more glass and less visible aluminum, and the most important part is that no maintenance is required.
Open them during summer, close them partly in Spring, or close them completely during the Winter season to isolate yourself from the cold weather and the heavy rains.
Characteristics & benefits:
- Easy to use and clean
- Enjoy your views and terrace all year long
- Total isolation from wind, rain, noise and dust
- Benefit from additional spaces in your house, office, restaurants, etc.
- 10 mm tempered glass (high impact resistance)
- Reduce the risks of robbery
- Fast installation
- 5 year guarantee